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Winners of the 6th stop of the TEQVOLY™ World Tour


The finals of TEQVOLY™ World Tour 6th stop presented some new faces to the spectators.

In the women's category the reigning champions, Kolada and Coccia dominated the match against Jadus and Miric. We saw some spectacular rallies and the spectators gave their best as they were rooting for their favourites!

In the men's final the experienced Maarek-Toppel team played against first-time table volleyball player and Olympian Nick Lucena and his partner Philip Burrow. The guy's powerful spikes often went out to the bleachers, but Maarek and Toppel claimed their first trophy as a pair in the end.



  1. 1. Judit Kolada / Lacie Coccia
  2. 2. Leanna Jadus / Tia Miric
  3. 3. Macy Jerger /Megan Rice
  4. 4. Veronica Corcoran / Victoria Corcoran


  1. 1. Dylan Maarek / Curt Toppel
  2. 2. Philip Burrow / Nick Lucena
  3. 3. Adam Homan / Jhony Salvador
  4. 4. Brice Paxson / Owen Karlenzig

Congratulations to all teams, and hope to see you all at many TEQVOLY™ events in the future!