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We started the year with the first stop of the SoCal Series


The new team competition was introduced in Los Angeles last weekend. 8 teams were fighting to reach first place and we saw many exciting rallies and matches.

The format was an 8-team double elimination bracket, meaning you could go to the finals even if you lost the first match. The players were outstanding and the crowd was enjoying the game through the day at the Venice TEQ™ center.

The results:

1. Team Smack - Iya Lindahl, Hannah Rable, Dylan Maarek, Curt Toppel

2. Team Fitstop - Monique Morris, Halle Hunt, Brian O'Neil, Philip Burrow

3. Team Laco - Judit Kolada, Lacie Coccia, Marcus Carvalhaes, Tate Calles

4. Team Matrix - Victoria Corcoran, Megan Rice, Troy Field, Taylor Crabb

5. Team Ravenswood - Marine Kinna, Silila Tucker, Sam Parish, Djordje Klasnic / Team King of the Beach - Kyle DeBerg, Kahee York, Jake Urrutia, Hagen Smith 

7. Team 630 Volleyball - Jenna Denamur, Hanna Huang, Stephen Brown, Tim Maruyama / Team SD Wild - Gianna Guinasso, Nicci Yardley, Danny Woodley, Nick England


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Képernyőkép 2024-03-14 152314.webp

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