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Meet the new team format!


Table volleyball is ready to present the new team format where players can play in 4 categories during 1 match!

Teams must consist of 4 players - 2 men and 2 women. The categories are the following: Women's, Men's, Mixed, and Quad (4-player team). 

The categories change after reaching a total of 16 points and they continuously rotate until every category played once, or until one team has reached 40 points.

The last part of the game brings the revolution of table volleyball: after every category played once, or one team has reached 40 points the quad format starts!

Four players on each side, maximizing participation and fostering team unity! The quad format is played until one team reaches 50 points first.

Except for the new scoring system, the basic table volleyball rules apply to the quad format.

Check out the main rules here!

Watch the main rules video here👇