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TEQVOLY™ International Gala

Budapest, Hungary

The TEQVOLY™ International Gala, with a total prize money of 12,000 euros, was held on November 20-21, 2021.

In women category, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Hungary compared their skills. As for the gentlemen, the players from Brazil, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary were competing. On Saturday after the exciting group stages, bronze matches were held in the early evening.

In the ladies’ bronze match Serbia confidently won against Italy, finishing on the 3rd place and taking home the bronze medal.

Just like Serbian girls, Brazilian boys won confidently the first game of their match. This somehow gave a push to Bosnians and after losing the first game, they overcame their difficulties and won the second and final game as well, winning the bronze medal and the well-deserved 850 EUR check.

Sunday also had plenty of excitement for the spectators. The day started with a para teqvoly demonstration match between the Hungarian Kertész-Gergencsik and the Georgian Davleshelidze-Jabaxidze duos, followed by the women's final between Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although Flóra Kemenczei and Fanni Kemenczei lost the first game, it did not affect their further performance. They won the second game in an enormous battle and in the final one, they managed to turn the score from 11:7 to 11:13, winning the gold medal and the 1,500 EUR grand prize.

The men’s final seemed to be a promising battle between the Hungarian Bene-Bakóczy and the Polish Wlostowsky-Choromanski duo, based on their match on Saturday. Throughout the gold match we could see amazing rallies and fantastic saves. However, the routine of the Polish pair proved to be decisive, and they overtook the Hungarian team by 2:0, thus maintaining their position as one of the world’s best teqvoly team.



  1. Hungary (Fanni Kemenczei & Flóra Kemenczei)
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Amna Mušija & Amna Neimarlija)
  3. Serbia (Anastasija Lemajić and Andrea Curcija)
  4. Italy (Valeria Lantieri & Lucia Barbato)


  1. Poland (Michal Wlostowsky & Jakub Choromanski)
  2. Hungary (András Bakóczy & Róbert Bene)
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina (Rijad Begić & Faris Čobo)
  4. Brazil (Edson Barbosa & Henrique Arajuo)

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