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London TEQVOLY™ Challenger Cup 2020

London, Great Britain

Thirty-two teams in two categories from 19 different counrties participated at this year’s first TEQVOLY™ Challenger Cup in London, UK, on 15 February. Athletes competed for $2000 prize money in both categories, male and female doubles.
Kathi Rud and Jana Parmova claimed first place in female doubles. The actual world champs Jakub Choromanski and Michal Wlostowsky won the male competition.

At the London TEQVOLY™ Challenger Cup, play started at 9.30am in the morning and finished after 7pm. With 4 courts and continuous activity, the sports hall was always busy, and the venue's café and rest areas provided perfect opportunities to relax between games. There was an air of concentration around the courts and the variety of moves engendered by players learning the different geometries of the game maintained spectators' attention.



Men’s competition

1) Michał Włostowski and Jakub Choromański - world champions, from Poland

2) Marcelo Ross and Michele Mafrici - Spikers

3) Heiner Alzate and Lorenzo Bartolini - Onyx


Women’s competition

1) Jana Parmova and Kathi Rud - Orcas

2) Lucia Barbato and Valeria Lantieri - Santry VC, Ireland

3) Natalie Velarde and Laura Konopecka - QMU

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